Ngorok Victor

A student at SDCPN

I am, Ngorok Victor a student of SDCPN, year 2 offering a 3 years’ Junior certificate course in MVT. I come from Moroto District, Malhemko County, Rupa Sub-County, Pupu Parish in the Manyata of Eree Aloito. I am the 2nd born of 7 siblings. I am the only boy doing skills training in our Pupu village of 124 households- Eree Aloito manyata of 13 households after dropping out of school in primary seven at Kasimeri P/S due to lack of school fee. I joined SDCPN in 2019 with DGA bursary support fund from Enabel. This has enabled me to gain new skills in mechanics. The training has been moving on well till 19th March, 2020 when all students were sent home due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the country. The school closure left me/us with no clear information about the COVID-19 disease prevention and how to cape up with it. In the 2 months, life became hard since due to high numbers of people in the community/village and suspected us who comes from school to have “imported” the disease to affect them. Food scarcity was as a result of onset of rainy session where farmlands are just being prepared. This led to consumption of all planting seeds and at the moment, we are surviving on sorghum porridge as a main meal. Some causes of cholera was report in our village during this heavy rainy session. Cholera and COVID-19 can be controlled by following proper hygiene measure mostly sanitation and keeping in a clean environment. There is nothing tangible to keep me occupy. I do not have any reading material or tools to help me practice the skills I gained last year to raise some little money to support my sick mother. If I had some basic mechanic tools, I would be fending for my siblings and get time to read the school notes. I wish the school prints some handouts and send to the students so that we don’t missing studies. I fair my fellow students are getting the same challenges which might lead to dropping out of school due to early pregnancy. I have been encouraging them to remain focus in the study because this is the only way the youth will be self-reliance in future.

Apuuyo York

Former student at SDCPN